Gottex is one of the leading pioneers of swimwear as we know it and was the first manufacturer to incorporate spandex into their swimwear. Gottex is designed so that you can go from the pool to the bar without having to change.

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We stock a variety of designer Gottex perfect for wearing to the beach or pool, on holiday or in summer. Gottexs unique designs and fashionable image help make swimwear fashionable as well as comfortable and practical without compromising on quality. Whether you want to make an impression on the beach or chill by the pool Gottex is the ideal Swimsuit of choice.


Gottex is an Israeli luxury clothes brand that was created in 1956. Gottex has become increasingly popular over the years and has been seen being worn by celebrities such as Princess Diana and Queen sofia of Spain. Gottex has been designed by fashion pioneer lea Gottileb. Her inspiration came from the beautiful Mediterranean landscapes surrounding Israel and the vibrant colours and surroundings are reflected within Gottex from golden sandy beaches to beautiful turquoise waters of the sea.

Silks Boutique is proud to stock Gottex and to be associated with such an important company in the swimwear market. Gottex incorporates both practicality and style into its swimsuits and doesn’t compromise on quality and durability. As an established brand Gottex has seen a number of changes within the fashion and swimwear industries and has been among the major players in the industry for many years. Explore our range of bespoke Gottex today.