Varley Activewear

“Blending London’s cosmopolitan elegance with L.A.’s active lifestyle.” – Varley

Work Out or Lounge About in Varley Activewear

Varley activewear is the perfect blend of style, comfort and practicality. It is created for fitness, however, is stylish enough to be able to wear day to day as well as when lounging around the house. We offer a selection of Varley activewear, which is sure to impress with many features and advantages that not all activewear has, browse our range of Varley activewear online today.

Varley Leggings

One of the best features when it comes to Varley leggings is that the fabric has been specially created for comfort and agility. The Letelux fabrication used to create them sculpts the figure and is incredibly flexible to allow you as much freedom of movement as possible when working out. Varley leggings are sculpting, sweat wicking and breathable.

Varley Sweatshirts

Varley sweatshirts are designed to keep in post work out heat, this can help prevent illness and injury after working out. As well as this, our Varley sweatshirts can help prevent “post-workout chill”, which is common for many people and is caused by a sudden drop in temperature whilst still sweating – this commonly occurs after working out and can reduce your overall core temperature and cause you to shiver and feel freezing cold.

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